Online University Programs

The best thing about these distance-learning programs is that you can choose to start off as slowly or as quickly as you wish. Some new students elect to take a single course or two that is directly related to their current career while others go “hog wild” delving through course after course until the have completed their degree at record speed. Online university programs are available in business, finance, accounting, nursing, IT, health, law, paralegal, criminal justice and the list goes on and on. Thousands of online students have earned associate degrees, bachelor and masters degrees, PhDs and even law degrees–completely online–why not you?

You get started with Online University Programs, as the term suggests, by accessing programs on the Internet. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find online programs available “everywhere” and, as I have already said, in nearly every topic under the sun. But let me tell you a little bit about what you may expect to experience in your distance-learning quest. Most schools allow you to attend online classes 365/24/7. They can do this by offering prerecorded audio, video and text lectures that you can access on your own schedule. Your assignments, tests and projects are all submitted online as well. Other schools may require you to logon at specific times, but even here you have to admit it beats driving across town after work to attend classes in person, right?

And what about missing out on the so called “real” classroom experience? It is an inescapable truth that you will not be able to meet new friends in person or bump into your favorite professor in the hallway. Some people just prefer to learn in a traditional classroom setting and do not adapt well to change. What you need to ask yourself is what kind of learner are you and, can you adapt to a new learning paradigm? (I think you probably can!)

Before you place too much emphasis on the traditional learning model consider that nowadays online university programs offer bulletin boards, online chartrooms and instant messaging where students can discuss their studies with each other and with their professors long after the class is over. In my opinion this feature alone not only replicates the in-classroom experience, it surpasses it. And many online university programs permit you to accelerate so you may complete your studies rapidly if you wish. That’s something you just cannot do with traditional education, period.

Online University Programs are available to you however modest your budget. Top ranked Ivy League schools such as Harvard University are now offering distance learning courses. As you would expect, the prestigious schools generally command higher tuition fees. But, you’ll find a plethora of affordable online university programs too and some offer convenient pay-as-you-go plans or are approved for student loan programs.

And don’t rule out having your employer paying for your education. Today, online university programs and degrees are widely accepting in corporate America. If your employer already has a tuition reimbursement program, chances are your distance learning courses will qualify for reimbursement. If not, its well worth it to sit down with your boss or company representative to discuss how assisting you with your career related education expenses can be a win-win situation for both of you.

Homeschoolers and College

There are many college fairs available to high school students. When you look at all the colleges, pay attention to yourself and consider the reasons why you skipped a certain college. That will tell you the kinds of colleges that you might be interested in.

You will want your kids to look as well, because there may be something about that college that they have never realized before. You are going to find out fascinating things as you look.

You can give them your address. If you’re interested in a certain college it is a good idea for you to sign up on their forms because then they’ll be reaching out to you. If they like you, they’ll continue to pursue you and send you more information.

One of the best ways to have colleges search for you, as a student, is to take the PSAT test. It will ask you a series of questions about who you are. The colleges that want that particular kind of student will pursue you.

Be prepared, though. When you sign up for that information on the PSAT, you’re going to get a tsunami of paper work in your mailbox. You have to look through it carefully to decide, but that is one good way to find a college that wants you.

The other thing that you can do is to search for colleges yourself. The US News and World Report puts out their annual edition of great colleges. Those have a lot to do with the SAT average colleges. The U Can website does not judge colleges by SAT scores, so you can go to the U Can website, read a few snippets of the colleges, click the link, and go directly to the college website.

As you look through these colleges, think and make the first cut. There are thousands of colleges out there and you can’t possibly know all of them intimately well. You need to make the first cut and decide who you’re going to research.

Preparations for Homeschooling High School

One of the most important courses to pay attention to in high school is foreign language. Colleges like to see two or three years of a single language, so if your student doesn’t start in their Freshman year, they’ll need to start in their Sophomore year. Don’t wait until Junior year to begin!

It’s also very important to plan some rigorous classes. That doesn’t mean that in Freshman year your student must do calculus. It means that you try to keep your child challenged. Make sure to give them classes that aren’t easy. That doesn’t mean they should be overwhelming, just not all easy. Keep it rigorous and keep them challenged. Plan your courses, so you’ll know exactly what courses you’ll cover over the four years of high school

Early high school is the time to think about taking the PSAT for practice. Sophomore year is a good time to take the PSAT just for fun. It doesn’t count for National Merit Scholarship (that’s Junior year), it’s just for practice. The PSAT is only offered during October, so register for the test by September. It’s easy to register, just call your local public or private high school, and tell them you’d like to know if you can register your child to take the PSAT at their school.

If, for some reason, the school says no, call the next closest high school. Most of them are very welcoming. The College Board is the company that oversees the PSAT, and they encourage public schools to provide the tests to homeschooled children.

Make sure as you begin high school that you’re keeping good records. Keep a good reading list and make sure that you get your transcript done each year. Sometimes you might be asked to provide a transcript when you least expect it. For instance, when your child starts driving, and you want to get the Good Student Discount, the insurance company will probably ask for a transcript. This can save you hundreds of dollars, so make sure you have it ready.

Online Trade Schools

Once you know what you want to study, it’s time to start searching. It’s always a good idea to find a state approved or accredited school, because degrees and certificates from an accredited school carry a lot more weight than those from schools without accreditation. This will greatly increase your employment opportunities.

It’s also possible that you can get some form of financial assistance from a state accredited online trade school. Get in touch with the school’s financial aid officer, and you will be able to get the information and documents required for a student aid application. Some schools also have these documents available online, which makes things much simpler for you.

Take the time to look at the curriculum content of an online trade school that offers the course you’re interested in. It’s worth comparing a couple of different schools, to see if there’s any difference in the content. One may be more appealing to you. If possible, chat to the school administrator or even the instructors, to get a feel for how they work and if they’re going to be supportive and helpful during your studies. Check to see if the online trade school has a placement service available, so that you have a better chance of getting a job once you graduate.